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Microcurrent Stimulation

Accounts of Personal Experiences


I have dry MD in both eyes and went to West Palm Beach April a year ago for microcurrent stimulation. I had communicated with two people whose visual acuity had improved one line (from 20/200 to 20/100) for example. One line would have enabled me to get a restricted driver’s license so I went for it. Dr. Khouri was a respected ophthalmologist with many credentials. Unfortunately it did not help me – not even a little bit. In fact I may have gotten worse but that would have been from the stress probably.


A couple years ago I took the microcurrent stimulation treatments and bought the equipment. I do not believe it did any good for my cone-rod problem. I would be happy to sell the equipment for much less than the original cost. Equipment guaranteed to be perfect. No guarantee on results.


I have dry MD. I used the microcurrent stimulation for about two months, and at least seemed to garner some modest results. However, I was experiencing other medical conditions which may have compromised ongoing treatment, since my medical issues affected several sensory systems, at which point I discontinued doing the treatments. Further, I was loaned a microstim unit and did not want to keep it indefinitely. It seemed as thought I improved from 20/70 to about 20/60 at the present time. I am not certain the microstim “did it” or whether a combination of herbal remedies helped, or whether it was just “luck.” My doctors, as usual, can’t explain it but don’t attribute it to anything I’ve done. I did notice better nighttime vision while using microstim, which I have maintained eight months later. I haven’t seen any solid research articles supporting the treatment. I would be cautious and find a physician or optical professional willing to oversee any type of treatment of this nature.

Mary B:

I realize that some may benefit from microcurrent stimulation therapy, and I am glad if you know some who have REALLY been helped. I had no success with it, however, and I have never found anyone who has. It angers me that some doctors may be taking advantage of desperate people. If it is possible to improve vision, there should be a way it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars to find out. I feel the same about the alternative medicines. I just can’t help feeling that this may be snake oil. But of course, we must try it and test it out.


[From the article, “Microstimulation Therapy Testimonial ‘Blown Out of Proportion.'”]

Immediately following the treatment, Dad may have noticed a slight improvement (no more than one line on the vision chart), but it was only for a matter of hours. After that, and after using the portable machine at home, there was no noticeable difference in his vision. Actually, his sight grew gradually worse through his final years.


[From a letter submitted by Edward Paul, O.D. Reprinted with permission.]

I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration at the age of 53. . . My eyes have had dramatic improvement as a result of taking advantage of everything you recommended. My vision was especially impacted by micro-current stimulation therapy.

The first treatment and examination was in your office, where you showed me how to use the unit. I treated myself thereafter for the next three days and returned for a further exam and awaited the results. Needless to say, I was elated to find out that my vision had improved!

I have found the micro-current stimulation unit to be easy to use and convenient to take with me while traveling.

My local eye surgeon has examined my eyes and has told me that he has never seen a condition of Macular Degeneration reverse the way mine has.