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The Stargardt Team


This site is where kids and grown-up kids with Stargardt disease can post photos and information about living with low vision.

To get to know everybody, click on the names below. We each have our own profile page, so write as much as you want. We’re happy to have you on our team, because it’s easier when we stick together!

Remember, anything posted to an Internet website can be viewed by anyone who visits. Your profile can also be found by search engines. You should not enter any information you wish to remain private, such as your address or phone number.

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We invite you to share messages with us in the “Stargardt Room” of the MDForum message board.

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image of book cover

Growing up with Stargardt disease and scared silly of misfitting witin the mainstream, D.S. Sully’s defiance culminated in his book about hilarity and hard knocks. Available at Amazon.com

Matthew at space camp

Matthew “flies high” over Florida at space camp. Read a news article about it on theprofile page he shares with his brother, Josh. And don’t miss Matthew’s photo essay, “Where the Boardwalk Ends.”

photo of Kimber Lee and Storm

Kimber Lee Empson has won equestrian awards all over Pennsylvania. Get to know this exceptional young lady through her photo essay, “Finding My Stride.”

The Stargardt Team

*Includes optional photo

Adriann Ramsell-Keve

Alicia Napoli



Anastasia Pagonis

Angie Hickox

Anne Vedrody

Aretta Underwood

Ataualpa Alvarenga

Avignon Grace*

Ayman Najjar

Becky Bell

Beverly Scott

Bianca Rademeyer

Bo Gambrell

Brandi Lee Martin

Brenda Giondomenico

Bridgett Riley

Britany Sims

Bronwyn Funiciello

Carly Cochran

Carrollyn McCollum

Cassandra P.

Cem Kaya

Chris Fice

Chad Guedry

Chelsea W

Chris Murphy

Chrissy Fairbanks

Claudia Viana

Claudia Ivette Diaz Alba*

Csaba Hamik

Cynthia Shaver

Danelle Barnes

Dan Sullivan

Dawn Bruggeman* (daughter of Samantha)


Debbie Twiddy

Denise Vilaro

Dennis Quarles

Dianne Arsenault

Eckart Becker

Elaine Abdalla

Emily Lloyd

Emily Dickerson

Frank Folb

Gaetan Bonnet* (son of Karine)

Greg Maujaret* (son of Catherine)

Georges-Guillaume* (son of Anne)

Idan (son of Debbie)

Ileana Havrilla

Ines Brito

Iryna Pukhalska/Wells

Jack Hagelin

Jack McCall

Jackson Johnson

James Cole


Jarred Mitchell

Jennifer Weil-Rytina*

Jeremy Vance

Jeremy Vernaeve

Jerry Raab


Johanessa van de Bank

John Klopfenstein

Joshua Greenhawk

Joshua Cook

Jude Dukes

Jule Kreyling

June Vogel

Karina Ivanova

Karley Kitchen


Katherine Cope

Kevin T

Kimber Lee Empson* (daughter of Lesile)

Kori Ward

Krzysztof Wanat

Latunza Everett

Lee Vise

Leon Ferns

Lesley Roberts* (son of Pam)

Leslie Curran

Lisa Andriolas

Linzi Wylie (daughter of Jane)

L. Lathesh Kumar

Liam Miller


Maddy and Hailey Sanford-Barry


Marisa Snyder

Maryam Naghibi

Matthew & Josh Lipsey* (sons of Mindy)

Maxee Miller* (daughter of Diane)

Megan Guntrum

Melanie Nel

Melissa Smith

Michelle Collins


Mohammad Abdul Mannan


Muhammad (son of Muhammad)

Mulder K.

Natalie Van Buskirk

Nicholas Wellner* (son of Jill)

Nikolina Stepić*

Pam Newton

Patricia Zerbey>

Paula Horemans

Phillip Harmon

Pranav Shah

Prasanth Krishnan

Rachel and Ashley Guidry* (daughters of Keith)

Rachel Evans

Rachel Fisher*

Ravi Kumar

Rebecca Yeary

Robbie Rokey (son of Loretta)

Rowena Funk*

Sala Fabio

Sandy Browning

Sara Galuppo

Scott Peppers

Shailesh Mudaliar

Sheila Anderson


Susan Feher-Johnson

Sherry Robinson

Steven White

Sora Schabauer

Steve Lieberwirth

Talcia Groenner


Tony Kuhn


Vincent Costello

Warren McDonald