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The MD Community’s Email Discussion Group

NOTICE: Due to a change in service, MDList will no longer be available after September 30, 2023.  

How To Subscribe

The macular degeneration mailing list (MDList) is a place where you can send and receive email communications with others who have MD in common. To subscribe, send a message to: MDLIST@MDSUPPORT.ORG and type SUBSCRIBE in the subject window.

Select this link to subscribe now and hit “send.” In a few minutes, you will receive a response asking you to confirm your request by clicking on “reply.”

You will then receive email notice that your request has been accepted, and you will be able to receive and send messages to others on the list.

Our Internet community also has a web-based message board called MDForum for informal discussion. Learn more about MD Forum.

To see the basic commands which you may use to manage your MDList subscription, go to MDList Management.

Common Questions About MDList

Who is the list manager?

Dan Roberts, founder and director of Macular Degeneration Support. You can email him at this link:


How many people subscribe to the MD mailing list?

More than 400 at this time.

Am I welcome here if I do not have macular degeneration?

Absolutely! We welcome the participation of anyone who has an interest in any disease leading to central vision loss. Subscribers include doctors, researchers, friends, spouses, and family members.

Is it all right if I don’t write messages to the list, but just observe?

Of course. But when you are ready, please consider writing a brief introductory message about yourself. You will be surprised by how many friendly responses you will receive!

Are there any rules which I should know about?

For the rules of MDList, please select this link:


These guidelines are also posted periodically on the list for all members to read.

We hope to see you soon!