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MD Community Photo Album

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Cliff & Sharon in Atlanta

Harold, Judith (holding Flora), Sharon, Dan, Chris, and Andrew in Kansas City.

Muhammad at Disney World

Adele, Alex, Dan & Chris at Alex’s summer home: “The Steeple”

“The Steeple”

Cliff & family

Patty, Betty(MN), Irving and Bette C in Iowa

Sharon & MaryB in North Carolina

Sharon, Dan & Flora in Kansas City

The Lipsey Family
Alan, Mindy, Matthew (standing), Josh & Emily

Lesley and John with grandaughter Mia, 15 months

Sandy (on the left) with her Shades of Gray Quartet

Sue & Maxine at the Olive Garden, 3/4/06

Frances with her twin greatchildren Cassidy and Brooks and their older brother, Callaway. The car is a 1931 Model A.

The Klein Family celebrating the first marriage of their children:
Daughter Lisa, Son Michael, Sheri, Marlene, Jon, and Daughter Jeanne.

Sue & Guide Dog Beta

Judy & Guide Dog Solame

Debbie & mother, Alice, with Dan & Chris in Kansas City, 7/7/06

Sharon and Dianne in Warden, Washington, June ’06

Sharon, John & Rachel on Whidbey Island, June ’06

Laura, Sharon & Rena in Seattle, June ’06

May 2006

Shirley’s Tiger Moth flight, July ’06

Lesile’s family, August 2006

Gaynor visits Pam in Wales, August ’06

Chris & Dan (center)
with Susan Talarico & husband Mike
Washington, D.C., September 21, 2006

Dan and other roundtable discussion participants in Washington
September 20, 2006

Shirley’s Christmas rose
December 25, 2007

Vera, Joe & their Chevy
October 12, 1957

Vera, Joe & the same Chevy
50th Anniversary

Chris & Dan Roberts with Ellen Troyer
in Colorado Springs
June 4, 2007

Roy Cole, Dan Roberts & Ed Huggett in Tampa
Oct 25, 2007

Dan & Chris Roberts with Keith Guidry in New Orleans
November 12, 2007

Dan & Frances Mattson in San Francisco
February 31, 2008

Cliff’s son, Michael, and his new bride
March 2008

Carolyn & Harry Covington with Sandy and Tom Seitz
Duluth MN, August 2008

Rena’s papier machet sculpture created at the Braille Institute
Los Angeles, 2008

Kimber and her new guide dog, Sophie
April 2009

Bill and son Brian
May 2009

Allie Baker (AMDAI), Dan Roberts (MD Support) & Liz Trauernicht (MDF)
San Francisco, September 2009

Cliff McGlamry, Dan Roberts & “The Boys”
Kansas City, May 2010

Dwayne, Sharon & Andrew Chism
Colorado, June 2010

The Roberts’ and the Chisms
Belton MO, April 2014

Shirley (“Nanna”) Clow & Grandad with Finn

The Roberts’ with Lesile, Kimber, and Dixie
Hershey PA, October 2015

The Lipsey Family: Matthew (18), Josh (15), Emily (12), & Mindy (Mom), September 2015

Gaynor on her trike, August 2016

Lucy has a trike, too! May 2018

Emily, Matthew, & Josh Lipsey, April 2019.

Shirley Clow & Sharon Chism, Fall 2019.

Leslie & Granddaughter Erin, August 2019.