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International Low Vision Support Group

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An Outreach Program of Macular Degeneration Support

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About the Program

Purpose: To provide free information and support through presentations to groups of senior adults affected by macular degeneration and related retinal diseases.

Cost: Absolutely nothing (Yes, some things of value in this world are still free.)

Method: Selected audio/visual presentations and newsletters are distributed each month year-round to registered affiliates.

Host: Macular Degeneration Support, a public supported nonprofit organization operating under Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)(3).

Sponsor: Macular Degeneration Foundation

Moderator: Dan Roberts, Director, MD Support.

Presenters: Motivational speakers and leading experts in the fields of low vision care, research, low vision products, and rehabilitation.

Affiliates: Retirement centers, organizations, clinics, senior centers and libraries worldwide. View our list of registered affiliatesRead what they have to say.

Benefits of Affiliation:

  • Access to an online Facilitator’s Kit with step-by-step instructions for organizing and running a successful support group.
  • Access to all archived presentations for viewing and/or listening.
  • Immediate answers to questions through personal email contact with the director.
  • Monthly planning materials, including:
    • Descriptions of upcoming monthly sessions
    • Meeting reminders
    • Monthly ILVSG large-print newsletter with special features, updates on research and developments, and handouts for upcoming sessions when available.

Affiliates are groups of all sizes facilitated by staff members and volunteers at each location. No fees or other obligations are required for participation in this program, and members may cancel affiliation at any time.

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