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Guidelines: MDForum


MDFORUM is a message board and chat room for those who prefer an informal, non-email format. Postings may include any day-to-day subjects. For more information, go to: mdsupport.org/mdforum.

Guidelines for MDForum

1. Use meaningful subject lines to help everyone decide which messages to read. When you reply to a post, make sure the subject line is still appropriate to the “thread,” and do not hesitate to change it if needed. For the same reason, try to restrict each message to only one topic or question.

2. Avoid the use of ASCII art (happy faces, etc.) Some speech synthesizers just read them as a meaningless list of characters.

3. To avoid repetition of material, please visit our web site before posting informational questions. The site is very complete and contains a convenient search box on the home page, so many answers and links to information can be easily found there. We will, of course, be happy to help in any way if you are not able to find what you need.

4. Please be polite and tolerant. Rude behavior will result in removal from the group.

5. If you provide health or medical information in your message that is not based upon personal experience (i.e. anything you have undergone yourself), be sure to include supporting references and/or links.

6. To avoid conflict of interest, no commercial advertising (links, banners, content, etc.) is permitted as part of your message. Ads on MDForum are the responsibility of Delphi Forums and are not connected to MD Support in any way.

7. Do not post virus warnings until you have verified them. Many such warnings received by email are hoaxes, and by passing them along to others, you only add to their life span. Here are some places you can go to check them out:

Datafellows Hoax Warnings

Debunking online and email hoaxes

McAfee Associates Virus Hoax List


Symantec Anti Virus Research Center

The Urban Legends Web Site

Urban Legends Reference Pages