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Dr. Wendy

Dr. Wendy Strouse Watt

October 17, 1964

Sykesville PA

Optometrist--1989 Graduate of the PA College of Optometry, Philadelphia PA. Specialties: Low Vision, Vision Therapy, Specialty Contact Lenses, and Macular Degeneration Research.

More About Me
I have been married to my husband Mark, since 1991. We have two cats, Toby and Patch. I like to bowl, with an eyeball bowling ball, play softball, read, travel, fish, and play on the computer.

I have gone on mission trips and provided eyecare in foreign countries. I speak to various groups, other Optometrists, churches, etc. about eyes and eyecare and many other topics. I have taught Sunday School, been the Sunday School Superintendent, been a fill-in for preachers, served as chairman on a variety of committees as well as a member-at-large, am on a contemporary worship team, lead the local World Day of Prayer program, am on the Eye Care Benefits Committee of the PA Optometric Association and play an active role in the assocation, participate in Vision USA, participate in 8th grade and senior career days, am a member of BPW and the Grange, was a 4-H member, volunteer for and support local charities, perform vision, glaucoma, and diabetic screenings in schools, senior centers, granges, etc., participate in National Diabetes Month, work with Blindness and Visual Services and OVR, have taken Toby to visit nursing home residents, and participated in food drives, etc. I am very active in church and the community.

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