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Trish Watt

7th June 1958

New Zealand

dry MD & Glaucoma

Eyes Affected

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis


None yet. On waiting list for treatment

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
Finding it difficult to do close work and read. As I am still waiting to see the specialist, I don't what is happening. Just that it is getting stressful trying to do usual tasks.

Family History
Sitter with wet MD and a cousin with advanced wet MD.

Impact on My Life
So far I am finding that I am having trouble with reading print or even my own hand writing as I am writing. There are other everyday tasks that have always being automatic and now cause stress. Feeling stressed when driving, but I don't understand why. May be MD or it may be glaucoma. Frustrating not knowing. Been waiting 5 months on the semi urgent list for assessment and treatment.

Positive Effects
Still looking for positives, but as I am usually a positive person, I generally make light of incidents, e.g makes for a good laugh when I cannot do things. Usually a comment about getting old will encourage others to laugh with me.

As I also have Lupus I have found the need to cut back my working hours which of course limits my options regarding the choices for treatment. I now work 13 hrs per week as a educational support worker in preschools for children with special needs.

More About Me
I am going on 48 yrs of age. I am the proud single parent of 1 son who has just graduated from college in Indiana, married in Michigan in August 2005 and is returning home to New Zealand in 9 1/2 weeks. Yes!!! I am busy in my church and love to help others when I am able.

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