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Name: Suzanne Bassinger

Born: 6/2/55

Home: Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Diagnosis: Myopic Wet MD

Eyes Affected: Left

Eye Color: Blue

Age at Diagnosis: 32

Visual Acuity: 20/30 with glasses/contacts.

Treatment: Doctor: wait & see. Self: vitamins, visualizations.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision: All 4 leaks (last one: Feb 99) almost totally resolved themselves within 30 days.

Family History: No known MD.

Impact on My Life: Temporary, as my vision returns to normal each time (so far).

Positive Effects: Appreciate my world more, knowing I may lose the ability to see it at any time. Finding this list: reading about and knowing people who overcome incredibly frightening and frustrating circumstances (losing sight) and go on with productive, positive lives. It is inspiring.

Adaptations: Bigger computer monitor.

Working: Riding & Horsemanship Instructor, Stable Owner, Saddlemaker, and Civil Engineering Consultant (have to do something for money!).

More About Me: Two kids (25 &16 yrs) and husband Charlie. Neither of my children have my terrible eyesight (-14) and I am thankful for that.

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