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Stephanie Forbes


North Carolina

MD and Cataract

Eyes Affected

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
The doctor that diagnosed me didn't tell me much. I have an appointment with an opthalmologist May 4th. I will know more after that.

Family History
I don't know of any eye disorders in my family history.

Impact on My Life
I am not sure as yet what the impact will be. The first thing that actually really upset me is the need to wear blue blocking lens. I love the spring green and blue sky and it ruins that. I know this seems slight, but is rather a big deal to me. I am an artist and used to do Plein Aire paintings. I can do that no longer.

Positive Effects
I have found out about it at an early stage, so I have the chance to work to maintain the vision I have.

Am getting a much larger moninter for my computer. I got a couple of page magnifiers to help me read. Have some Cocoons in the mail to protect my eyes. I am very nearsighted, and I find I do a lot of my drawings at very close range, inches from my face, without my glasses.

Fortunately, I am a homemaker at this time.

More About Me
I am married to a very supportive man. I have a 27 yr. old son and 2 grandchildren. I am an oil painter. My previous work can be seen at I have not painted for a little over a year, but am going to try to get back to it soon. I have a wonderful beagle named Molly and cat named Dexter. They are my attitude adjusters. I play an online mmorpg game called World of Warcraft. Hmmm...... I go to AA, and the program is helping me to cope with this new twist in life.

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