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Shosh Cohen

Name: Shosh Cohen

Born: Springfield, MA

Home: Omer, Israel

Diagnosis: Myopic MD.

Eyes Affected: Left

Eye Color: Brown

Age at Diagnosis: 48

Visual Acuity: Right eye 20/20 with glasses. Left eye, I really don't know. As I have no central vision there at all, I am really not that concerned with the numbers.

Treatment: Ocuvite pills - and I tend to walk around with my fingers crossed alot.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision: My doctor claims that there is a 20% chance of my right eye going. I'm not sure how he got to that number - but the odds seem fairly good in my favor - for now. I have had a few bleeding events in that eye, but they cleared up. I'm not sure if was even wet MD. or something else, maybe something exotic.

Family History: As far as I know I am the family pioneer. I haven't heard of anyone else on either side of my family with anything more than glasses. I hope I also close the frontier.

Impact on My Life: I read faster - i'm always afraid I'll lose my sight in my right eye in the middle of a book - and that would really get me mad.I'm also helping to support amazon - for the same reason - i want to read as much and as fast as i can.

Positive Effects: I've read some great - and fun books in the past few years. Also - I'm the type that always notices almost everything - but now I think I appreciate things more. I always have laughed at everything - this gives me one more challenge and thing to laugh at. The fairly constant swerling light from my left eye are a constant source of interest and mystery - and since it is not a detached retina ( had that checked out ) it is entertaining without being dangerous.

Adaptations: I keep a magnifying glass on my desk at work, for days when my eyes are tired or when the print is especially small.

Working: Librarian - full time.

More About Me: Married + 2. My son is just finishing his B.A. and my daughter has one more year to finish her B..A. Both kids live at home for now, but my son probably will be moving into his own apartment in October. I've been a lurker for over a year. I've tried posting to the list a few times - but for some reason my server won't let me write to the list - so lurking it is. I am an animal lover - we have 3 dogs and a cat - and another 7 cats which my husband is feeding outside in the yard.

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