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Roxanne (with Tom)

Roxanne Ruth (Hoover) Keys

June 28, 1931 in Lafayette, Indiana

Carriere, Mississippi, Pearl River County


Eyes Affected
Both eyes.

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

Visual Acuity
CF2 (Left). Corrected 20/20 (Right).

Nine PDT treatments of my left eye through June 2002. Right eye, although wet, does not yet qualify for PDT treatment.

I can only see through a cloud of mist in my left eye and am CF (Count Fingers) 2. My right eye is still correctable to 20/20. Since June 2002 (last PDT treatment) the serous fluid leaking of my left eye seems to have been curtailed, and my right eye has not gotten any worse and still does not qualify for PDT treatment. Since June 2002, my R/S (Dr. Germer) is closely following both eyes every three months for any changes.

Family History
No problems parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. I blame this eye problem directly to the "shingles" that have affected my eyes and ears.

Impact on My Life
Has complicated and slowed down my crafts, guitar playing, reading and television watching.

Positive Effects
Has made me more determined to accomplish those things that I want to do. Especially so, as I read the goals that others on this list have established for themselves. So afraid of my right going bad. Then I will be in a dilemma looking through two misty clouds, I will have to give up even more.

Better lighting in numerous areas of our home. Moved living room chair 15 feet closer to the tv and replaced tv with a 35 inch screen. Several pairs of glasses of different strengths for various tasks.


More About Me
Married since 1952 to Tom, who passed away in 2012. Three grown children (2 sons and 1 daughter), nine grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. Besides being a home maker, I am a licensed hairstylist, retired professional singer, U.S. Navy veteran, and very active in my crafts. There is still nothing that I cannot do. We have owned recreational vehicles since the early 60s, and our current motor home is road ready and goes whenever our doctor appointments allow. Our two sons are both retired Navy, as was my husband, and our daughter is married to a San Diego policeman. Last but not least, I just dearly love my new found MD family. Thanks so very much for just being you.

My Motto:
The impossible is often untried.

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