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RaSonya Pearce

September 3, 1966

Raymore, MO

I have PXE and it causes a breakdown in the Bruch's membrane of the eye leading to a angiod streaks or cracks in the retina. Blood vessels grow in the cracks and from there on out it is basically wet AMD.

Eyes Affected
Both eyes have a angioId streaks, only the left has had bleeds.

Eye Color

Visual Acuity
With corrective lenses both eyes 20/20

Since my first bleed/leak five years ago, I have had four courses of Lucentis injections in my left eye.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
The injections controlled my leaks very well with only minimal scarring. Unfortunately, I have developed geographic atrophy that is just encroaching on my central vision in the left eye.

Family History
No one has PXE or AMD. Both parents had cataracts and mother had diabetic retinopathy.

Impact on My Life
I was a speed reader and devoured books, now my reading is slower and frustrating. As my vision worsens my drawing and painting has tapered off also....

Positive Effects
I think I try to eat healthier to help my eyes and that benefits my body in general and ripples into my family's life. I try to live in the moment and be grateful for what I have.


MORE LIGHT!!!! Why oh why did they outlaw 100W incandescent bulbs??!!.


I am a biochemist turned stay at home mom who got bored and started playing with art. It's harder for my eyes to adjust now to the back and forth distances in drawing/ sketching and I can never seem to get enough light so I have started to let my art dwindle off. I'm debating starting to teach Junior college now that my youngest turned eighteen.

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