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Rachel Dora-Ann

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Rachel Dora-ann Fisher

August 9, 1978

Schaumburg, Illinois

Stargardt's macualr dystrophy & Retitis Pigmentosa

Eyes Affected

Eye Color
Brown Hazel

Age at Diagnosis
Stargardt, 15. RP: 33.

right 20/250, left 20/800

No treatment. Only low vision aids.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
I have recently been diagnosed with RP with my Stargardt's. They say it isn't as uncommon as I think, but I have lost central, most color, depth, light sensitivity, night blindness and blurred or spotted peripheral. Theres more, but that's enough :)

Family History
No other family members I know of have either. I'm considered autosomal recessive. I believe.

Impact on My Life
I still remain to paint and reach out through my artwork no matter what. I am blessed with wonderful support of family and friends.

Positive Effects
Through my art I have reached so many people in understanding the eyes of those with low to no sight, as well as brought touchable art to those who can and cannot see. Sight should never be an obstacle for art

I have many magnifications and am proud to say I am waiting to train with my first guide dog.

I work as an artist, speaker, and blogger.

More About Me
I invite anyone who would like to follow my story to follow my blog at or my facebook page at . I want to share my story, my art, and my journey.

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