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Name: Nara Murphy

Born: 10/10/71

Home: Fargo, North Dakota

Diagnosis: Cone/Rod Dystrophy w/Pseudo RP

Eyes Affected: Both

Eye Color: Hazel

Age at Diagnosis: 15

Visual Acuity: Legally Blind #8212; 20/400.

Treatment: Glasses with prismatic bifocal and CPF 250 lenses.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision: Stable, nothing can be done at this time.

Family History: Sporadic — no one else in my family is inflicted with this.

Impact on My Life: Have been able to adapt due to having progression be slow. Some days are better than others for dealing with this. Have learned to advocate more for myself.

Positive Effects: Learn how to use new "toys", advocate for my self and others who are in the same boat.

Adaptations: ZoomText Xtra, Mobility Training, CCTV -Aladdin 19" b/w, 19" computer monitor, writing guides and other personal innovations.

Working: Still looking for work. Lots of interviews, but no bites.

More About Me: I have a darling husband who sometimes is quite stressed on my condition. No children, due to risk for them being affected by this. Born and raised in Rugby, ND. I would like to be part of a study someday for C/R, but at this time, there are no studies available. I enjoy: cooking, crocheting rugs, reading murder mysteries, surfing the Net for ideas on everyday taks.

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