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Mike Nave


Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

Severe Myopic Degeneration

Eyes Affected

Eye Color
Light brown

Age at Diagnosis

Visual Acuity
20/40 both eyes.

I see my RS once a year. My RS said that there is no treatment. Just to keep my weight down and eat sensibly, and get plenty of low impact excercise, and do not lift anything too heavy.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
My RS says it's amazing what I do see with the severity of Myopia that has occurred over the past 42 years. My current vision is nearly blind in right eye and MD starting in left.

Family History
My father's mother had many eye problems. She and her treatments and surgeries have been written up in many medical journals by many doctors who wanted to make a name for themselves and thereby pioneered retinal eye surgery for detachments, etc. I inherited all her eye problems from birth, and they remain, and neat things keep happening every day/month/year.

Impact on My Life
It has increased my sense of humor! I laugh a lot. What else can you do with a disease that has "NO TREATMENT".

Positive Effects
I still work. I can still drive a car during good weather and during the day time only. I can still see.

One learns to work around it.

Still working as an accountant!

More About Me
I have twin girls (b. 1997) and a wonderful wife, all of whom I wish to continue looking at and watching them grow. I've tried every vitamin therapy there is for this. Some make me sick, others make expensive urine. Just pray alot and let's hope for some brilliant surgeon to push the threshold and explore!

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