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Matthew & Josh

Matthew & Josh Lipsey

Matthew: February 16, 1997
Josh: March 16, 2000

Owing Mills, Maryland

Stargardt disease

Eyes Affected

Eye Color
Matthew: Blue
Josh: Brown

Age at Diagnosis
Matthew: 6
Josh: 3 (by DNA test)

Visual Acuity
Matthew: 20/320
Josh: 20/120

Nothing available yet, but our Mom is looking forward to the day gene therapy will restore our vision.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
Since we inherited the same gene mutation, our vision will probably end up the same.

Family History
We are the only ones we know of in our family. Our little sister was tested, too, but she doesn't have the disease.

Impact on My Life
Matthew: It's really hard to watch tv and read. I don't enjoy reading books like I used to. I listen to books on tape now. I hope I can drive one day.

Josh: It's starting to affect my life. Watching tv and reading are hard. I will start working with my brother's teacher of the visually impaired very soon.

Positive Effects
We are learning braille, so we will be multi-lingual.

Matthew: I use the Flipper, dome magnifier, monocular, braille, keyboarding and zoomtext. I get all my tests in large print, too.

Josh: I will learn zoomtext, braille, and keyboarding in school with my TVI. I will also start using a dome magnifier, monocular and Flipper.

Matthew: Nothing yet, but I want to be a doctor.

Josh: None - I'm only 7!!

More About Me
We love each other and our little sister, Emily. Matthew likes to rock climb and play all sports, especially baseball, basketball and football. Josh likes to rock climb and do karate.

Matthew at space camp

Here are links to a 10/07 newspaper article about Matthew
at space camp and an essay he wrote:


Matthew's new glasses
Matthew's new glasses
December 2007

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