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Name: Marie Miller

Born: 3/22/38

Home: Boone, Iowa

Diagnosis: Wet Macular Degeneration

Eyes Affected: Both

Eye Color: Blue

Age at Diagnosis: Right eye at age 48, left at 58.

Visual Acuity: Legally blind.

Treatment: No treatment on right eye; submacular surgery on left. The surgery preserved a great deal more peripheral vision than in the untreated eye. May have been even more successful without previous laser treatment.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision: Stable with permanent distortion and light flashes. Problems with dry eyes which I treat with artificial tears.

Family History: Glaucoma and MD

Impact on My Life: Live on farm and cannot drive. Cannot recognize friends and acquaintances unless within 2 feet. Have to adjust to seeing "abouts" - no detail.

Positive Effects: Conversations with daughter, can garden all day and play with dog and cats.

Adaptations: CCTV. 21" monitor (set at low resolution to maximize screen images), hand magnifiers and 8x21 and 7-15x35 binoculars. I have telescopic glasses but do not find them as convenient.

Working: Had to retire as secretary in a stimulating academic environment.

More About Me: Married, 3 children, 7 grandchildren (2 oldest in college this year).


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