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Marian Newcombe


Clearwater, FL

Dry MD.

Eyes Affected:
Drusen and dry MD in both eyes.

Eye Color:
Denim blue

Age at Diagnosis:

Visual Acuity: R 20/25 (down from 20/20) L 20/70 (down from 20/30) - acuity loss since 11/97.

Recommended ocuvites (not stronger then my multivites) or ICAPS, and spinach.

Current State of Vision:
Acuity stable since 1/98, drusen almost all gone !!! Been taking herbal complex, colon cleanser, and parasite purge.

Family History:
Mom: cataracts, both eyes, hazel; her uncle: cataracts, both eyes; no other eye conditions on either side back thru great-grandparents.

Impact on My Life:
1st 6 mo: very stressful, hard to make future plans, then got back into painting, and living for today; greatest impact is on reading and driving- can only read for more than 30 min if sitting in bright sunlight or with sun at my back...I have double vision & amblyopia. Driving is the most challenging because my eye lids fatigue after 45 min, &/or I get brain fatigue and have a hard time processing information - in other words, I make bad choices or get freaked by other traffic. In strong sunlight, I can not keep my eyes from watering and sometimes I can not keep them open.

I've noticed that for me, stress has the biggest impact on my ability to focus when I read, therefore in the past 1.5 yrs, I have been actively staying aware of what "affects" me, streamlining my "real concerns," and making other people take ownership for their "stuff," and really really trying to accept the things that I can not change.

Positive Effects:
I've "met" this marvelous group, try for more antioxidants, prioritized my activities & concerns..

Brighter lights when reading, keeping magnifying glasses in different rooms, limiting driving trips, asking people to drive if need to go beyond 1 hr, doing more reality testing with support people to process stressful events more quickly, taking B complex more regularly

Telesales of heat transfers and preprinted garments.

More About Me:
12 yr old son, husband strong in sales & marketing skills, I enjoy biking, skating, painting, reading, good friends, learning new things, handcrafts, and swimming.

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