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Name: John L. Schillereff

Born: 6 Dec 1942

Home: Rensselaer, NY (Albany area)

Diagnosis: Dry AMD and epiretinal membrane.

Eyes Affected: Right eye only.

Eye Color: Blue

Age at Diagnosis: 56

Visual Acuity: 20/15 left eye. 20/35 right eye (and getting worse)

Treatment: Taking Ocula RX antioxidants, every 3-6 months visit to OD.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision: Left eye stable and better than 20/20, no evidence of AMD as yet. Right eye vision decreasing due to epiretinal membrane growth over retina & macula area. Vision has decreased from 20/20 to 20/35 in one year. Vision getting worse month to month. Have seen retina specialist about having Vitrectomy Surgery when vision gets to point of 20/70 or so.

Family History: No family history of any eye problems other than cataracts.

Impact on My Life: Will lose my Commercial Airplane, Helicopter, and my flight instructors medical certificate which is required to fly commercially. Now can pass only Private Class III physical due to decreasing of vision in right eye.

Positive Effects: None, other than knowing my limitations, which is good I think.

Adaptations: I don't fly any more. Don't drive at night unless I must. Wear hat and sunglasses always when out side and or in sunlight.

Working: Has affected my reading ability. I sub-teach school and am a partner of a real estate company. Difficult to read maps when in auto. Need magnification to read same.

More About Me: Not angry about this, just a little concerned about my ability to drive in the future. Single, age 56, father of two children ages 28, 33 (no eye problems). Retired US Army officer and aviator. Flew Viet Nam as FAC, RECON Pilot. Retired Major in 1988. Now real estate broker and school teacher and retired. Do a little of each.

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