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Linda R.

Name: Linda Rosendahl

Born: 8/3/42

Home: Swampscott, MA

Diagnosis: Wet MD

Eyes Affected: Both eyes

Eye Color: Light blue

Age at Diagnosis: 55

Visual Acuity: 20/50 better eye.

Treatment: Have had 2 laser treatments in each eye.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision: Left eye stable; right eye ok, still being watched.

Family History: My father had MD in his 70's.

Impact on My Life: I now have to read large print, but I can read regular print under 60-watt indoor flood lights. Use VideoEye! for some reading (glossy magazines), craft work, and hand writing, checks, etc. Driving curtailed.

Positive Effects: I use my brain more, to figure out ways of doing things that used to be almost automatic. I notice how our world is geared for fully-sighted people, and where possible have made suggestions for changes that would help less-sighted people.

Adaptations: Driving curtailed to daylight. Have had to ask for help, which is hard to do. Carry small squeeze light when out shopping or dining, to read tags, prices, menus. Very helpful! Have installed work lights in various places around the house and cellar, even in our small greenhouse Added ZoomText to computer.

Working: I'm retired from teaching and librarian work. Were I still employed, I can't imagine how I would be able to do the job of librarian, which was my last one.

More About Me: I'm also a breast cancer survivor; in fact, my first indication of a vision problem came while I was lying in the hospital bed after a mastectomy, looking at the ceiling tiles and noticing that they were not square but wavy. Because of all the hassles of BC treatment and all, I never got to the eye dr. until more than a year later, when I found out I had MD. This was not a thrill....

I believe that our attitude makes the greatest difference in how we do when an illness or condition strikes that messes up our lives. And I certainly believe that what doesn't kill us makes us very strong. I look for role models to help -- an 86-year-old lady with MD I met who goes into Boston frequently all by herself. Even our own two blind dogs have inspired me!

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