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Lesley Wighton

15 October, 1942


Wet MD right eye - Dry MD left eye

Eyes Affected
Right eye

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

Visual Acuity
Right eye 20/200

Diagnosed August 2004 - had first PDT 25th May 2005. Had the 5th PDT on 7th November,2005 and due for 6th (maybe) January 2006

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
20/40 at diagnosis - prior to 1st PDT 20/120 and now 20/200 (right eye) left eye dry MD 20/13

Family History
Grandmother and Mother all symptoms of MD although not diagnosed - Aunty (mother's sister) MD both eyes.

Impact on My Life
A little shocked at first - thought I was too young for this condition!! Fear that I may go blind and later on may have to become dependent on others. After a short time I knew I had to find out more about this MD.

Positive Effects
I didn't know the back from the front of a computer. Bought a 2nd hand one for starters, got on line and searched, and found the MD Community. I have never looked back. Also I find that I listen more to others and their stories and just generally try to be helpful.


Overcoming the glare problems and now not able to see long distance signs and so on. I dont trust myself to drive at night. That's no big deal for me as I can still drive in daylight hours which I am very thankful for.


Retired in 1995 due to redundancy. Loved my work though - Agency Manager for S.A.T.A.B (Totalizator - Racing Industry as in Horses, dogs, trots. And many years ago Insurance Offices, Credit Union.

More About Me

Used to be a bit of a gym junkie but have slackened off as of late. Love my garden, 3 grandchildren whom I see regularly and socialize at my husband's bowling club, and I love going out to dinner occasionally (love my food). And am addicted to my Computer!!!

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