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Laura Luders


Issaquah, WA

dry ARMD

Eyes Affected

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

left 20/30; right 20/35

None, other than supplements: Macular Complete, Omega 3 when fish is not on the day's menu, lots of spinach or other greens. My ophthalmologist chooses to see me every 8 months, my RS every 4 months because of high risk.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
High risk of going wet, especially right eye with many large soft drusen now pictured by my first OCT three months ago. I'm getting used to all the pictures and diagrams of eyes at my doctors' offices. Quite fascinating actually. Like a museum of modern art!

Family History
An uncle with glaucoma who weathered it well for many years until his death of old age. My oldest sibling, a sister, had both glaucoma and MD for the last decade or so of her life, but didn't go wet until the last few months before her death at age 90. She still recognized family members on the day she died.

Impact on My Life
Very little. Three years ago I had to give up on the Christmas jigsaw puzzle, but now I can see shapes and colors again, even though my doctors insist that my vision cannot get better. But my own experience is that my brain has accommodated, and wavy door edges and picture frames are now straight again, too.

Positive Effects
I'd like to say that I have become organized with all my clutter cleared up while I can see to do it. But my knowledge of the need of this has not cured me of a disability (bad habit?) that has plagued me since primary school, when I had the messiest desk in the class.

I use more light. I use a needle threader. I sometimes ask for help. I read the MDList regularly. I use Restasis for dry eyes. I have always loved to read and now put up with being much slower and laugh at the funny nonsensical phrases that pop up in serious writing, because I see the letters wrong. (What I hear with my ancient ears is even funnier!)

I retired eight years ago at the age of 70. Had I retired years earlier from self-employment that ate up most of my assets, I would have enjoyed more of the money my husband left to me and could have traveled to visit all of you. I had this weird notion that I was "supposed" to earn a living by working. But it was a 15 year adventure after a lifetime of raising a family, so I'm glad I did it.

More About Me
I have four children, eight grandchildren and one great grandchild. Before my eyes give up, I want to write a family history for them. As you can see, I love to talk. I also take care of my 87 year old partner, Marcus, and frequently visit another sister, now 90, who lives in an Assisted Living home.

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