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In Memorium

Name: Kristie Hirschenberger

Born: 9/29/71, Lake Forest Illinois

Home: San Francisco, CA

Diagnosis: Myopic macular degeneration

Eyes Affected: Both eyes

Eye Color: Blue

Age at Diagnosis: 27

Visual Acuity: Corrected to 20/20 left eye, 20/25 right eye.

Treatment: Scleral reinforcement.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision: Stable.

Family History: None.

Impact on My Life: I'm still hoping for none.

Positive Effects: I'd love to have something rather inspiring to say here, like how this has really made me appreciate my sight much more, but it really hasn't. The best part would have to be the friends I've made on the MD list.

Adaptations: None.

Working: Student.

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