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Diagnosed with bladder cancer seven years ago and have six removed during this time. Lung cancer stage 4 advanced and inoperable with SVCS. Given less than a year to live with chemo and radiation. This was seven years ago, and I am referred to as the miracle lady. This was diagnosed a month after the bladder cancer. I have A Fib and have been on blood thinners for thirteen years. Also, I have high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and glaucoma. I have lost four children, the last one this year.

So what keeps me going? I have a deep relationship with God. I keep very busy and try to think positive thoughts. My husband died years ago, so I have been the patient and caregiver for all my illnesses. Cataract surgery was done in May of this year after six doctors telling me I needed surgery for over seven years. I only used glasses to read, and passed the driver's test without glasses. I decided to believe the doctors, so had the surgery. I was put on steriod drops for five weeks.

About four weeks later, I started seeing a purple image in the form of a duck and was sent to the one and only RS in my town. After extensive painful eye tests on both eyes, followed the next day by over thirty pictures taken using the dye in my arm. I might add that no mention was made of the danger to the retina using the dye. I told the ophthalmologist that I was allergic to steriods, but he insisted I continue the drops. I did quit after five weeks, and soon after that the image was gone. I haven't seen it since. This was in June 2001. Now I face MD diagnosed by this RS that the only conversation I had with him was: He looked at the pictures, and stood up saying, "You are lucky you have dry MD in both eyes," and he left the room. End of conversation, except I did ask him something the day before, and he told me to be still!!

I could write a very interesting book if I would quit thinking about it and do it. My motto: Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry, and you cry alone.

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