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Jo Ann


Jo Ann Pleasant

Missouri (no one has heard of the town)

Williamsburg, Virgina (not really home)

Wet MD (was never diagnosed with dry)

Eyes Affected
Right eye now

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

Visual Acuity
Just had eye check and was just under 20/20 with glasses. Right eye 20/25 and wavy.

Gas Bubble and Blood clotting injection in eye. No laser was necessary. This was in July, 2002.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
Do my grid every day and see my doctor regularly. He says he does not know what will happen.

Family History
Aunt had dry MD at age 80. Mother died at 88 without glasses. Grandmother had glaucoma and was blind. No history of my father's side of family.

Impact on My Life
Scared to death. Blood pressure went up. Had to be put on antidepressants and antianxiety, although I was anxious anyway. Live everyday wondering if or when it will bleed again or the other eye will go.

Positive Effects
Appreciate the beauty of nature and my family more. Pray more. Love my car and the independence it gives me. Want to do more things sooner.

Added more light in my house. Got new sunglasses with UV protection. Taking more vitamins.

20 hours per week at a domestic violence shelter. Retired from 35 years in the Missouri prison system.

More About Me
I love the beach. I have one son who works for NASA here in Virginia. Two granddaughters who are 10 and 15. A nice daughter in law. My kids were ready to go out and buy a bigger house to accommodate me. I want to hold my independence as long as possible. Was a weight lifter and walker but doctor wants me to watch the weights. Cannot take any blood thinners for my arthritic knees. Feel healthy other than eye condition and knees. That's all, folks.

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