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Rachel & Ashley

Rachel & Ashley Guidry (Keith's daughters)

Rachel: July 18,1980. Ashley: April 30,1985.

Cut Off, Louisiana

Stargardt's Disease

Eyes Affected

Age at Diagnosis
19 and 15 in June 2000.

Visual Acuity
Rachel: 20/200 and 20/400 corrected to 20/80 and 20/100. Ashley: 20/30.

None available.

Family History
Mother-in-law and two of her siblings have what we think is Stargardt's.

Impact on My Life
The toughest thing I have ever gone through at first. Getting easier to handle, because the girls handle it so well. We get through with lots of hope and prayer.

Positive Effects
We now realize how much worse it could be. Thank God that, besides this, our girls are just fine.

More About Us
Rachel is now student teaching and will graduate from college in Dec 02 with a degree in Elementary Education. She played college basketball on an athletic scholarship. She now works with our local youth program coaching 10-year-old girls in basketball. She will also be getting married on Valentine's Day, 2003. Ashley is a senior in high school. She also plays basketball for her high school and was voted team captain by her teamates. We are so very proud of our two girls.

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