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Georges-Guillaume (Anne's son)

August 18, 1988


Wet subretinal macular neovascularization and Coates' disease.

Eyes Affected

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

Visual Acuity

Photodynamic therapy with Visudyne on March 31, 2004. Laser for Coates' disease on April 15.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
Central vision lost. Very bad peripheral vision in one eye. Coates' disease is not the most important.

Family History
No retinal problems.

Impact on My Life
After the therapy with Visudyne, Georges-Guillaume told me, "Don't worry, Mum. These eyes will give us much more happiness!" But sincerely, I didn 't find an answer for the question...WHY?

Positive Effects
I am now the strongest Mum. Sometimes isn't easy, but I am ready to do all I am able to see my son enjoy so much the life he loves!

More About Me

WHY? Why my lovely son? Why not me?

We are French, but live in Brazil where Georges-Guillaume was born. 12 years later, my second daughter. Our passion is Arabian horses, which we are breeding. In January 2004, Georges-Guillaume was training in Scottsdale for 2 months with the Midwest Team. Was here he discovered he had a left eye problem. One night, he was sleeping with the TV on, and when he awoke, he was seeing nothing with the left eye.

We came back to Brazil at the end of February after the Scottsdale Arabians Show. He went back to school, and his problem was really serious. After he received the prize for The Best Junior Handler 2004, I decided to take him to a retina doctor, Dr. Michel Farah, in Sao Paulo. He saw us on Monday, March 29, and the bomb fell down on my head. On Wednesday, GG received one photodynamic therapy with Visudyne.

He loves all he is doing. Never never has he had any eye problem...never. He doesn't look like a 15 year-old-guy. He is tall, 1m83, he is very charming, but he is still my baby!

I would like to know the chances he has now to be better. And the most IMPORTANT for me, what to do if the same problem occurs in his right eye? I am sure that he will be good, and that he will NEVER stop doing what he loves and developing his talent. My only one objective is to see my son 's dream be realized: to be the best Junior World Arabians handler.

My husband (because he had one AVC 2 years ago...and he did not ask me about him) and our two daughters from 29 and 27 years old, know that GG had a serious eye problem; but they do not know exactly what is happening. I am, and have to be, very strong. I am looking for everything about these idiopathic diseases. I want to know all about what is happening with this case! I am believing in Macugen for him and waiting for it!

I am very happy to meet this group. Thanks very much for all...DAN... My goal is to see my son happy...and of course I need help. I have to WIN one more time.

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