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Gaynor Hintz


Springfield, Oregon

Myopic Wet MD

Eyes Affected

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

Visual Acuity
20/200 with glasses/contacts in right eye, 20/400 in left with no correction after cataract surgery removed lens.

None posible in left eye after massive hemorrhage. Two photocoagulations in right. Wait and see after third leakage dead center, and photocoagulation considered too risky.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
Leakage has stopped, leaving me legally blind.

Family History
Mother was diagnosed with MD at one time. Unclear at this time if diagnosis was correct, as her vision was corrected with cataract surgery.

Impact on My Life
My life has been considerably circumscribed. I eventally gave up my job, which demanded very close work with computer and paperwork, and it was taking me too long to complete with a heavy caseload and active clientelle. I can no longer drive, so find myself homebound a good deal of the time.

Positive Effects
As described above, I am far more active than I once was, which can only benefit me physically. Socially, I am more active with my square dance club, doing a monthly newsletter, and dancing a great deal more than I did before. I also do more walking, hiking, and biking than I did before. So there are some trade-offs. I think I am more sensitive to others' problems than before, and I realize my own blessings more.

Bigger computer monitor, CCTV, use of magnifiers, making large labels for spices, photograph albums.

Was declared legally blind in 1996 and "retired" from my job in 1998, two years later, from the strain physically and emotionally. I was given lots of adaptive aides, but also needed more human support than I was given.

More About Me
I love to dance. Square dancing is still something I can do well, even with poor vision, so I do it as much as I can. I also can hike trails fairly well, as long as they are not too deeply in shadow or very rocky, and so I love to do that. I still love to read and find Talking Books on Tape a very enjoyable substitute for doing my own reading. Life is good to me.

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