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Gaetan Bonnet

Dec 8, 1991


Stargardt's disease

Eyes Affected

Eye Color
Green and grey

Age at Diagnosis
Nearly 7

Visual Acuity
At diagnosis 5/10, now, 2 years after, 1/20

None except parents' love.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
No prognosis. Vision has decreased quicker than the doctors thought.

Family History
Great grand father was diagnosed with MD in 2000.

Impact on My Life
Hard for a child to cope with such a handicap.

Positive Effects
When warned, people pay more attention to Gaetan. The biggest positive effect was subscribing to the list. Gaetan now knows hundred of people all around the world. He is the only one at school to have so many friends.

Gaetan has to sit on the first row in class, which he doesn't appreciate.... Had to give up cycling because he couldn't see cars coming, but he replaced it with a child's scooter.

We will see in a few years.

More About Me
My mother, Karine, is writing for me [Gaetan does not speak English], but I am sure she doesn't tell you all the truth about me. I am a nice little boy with a horrible young brother called Quentin. I have a pussy cat called "Virgule" and a gold fish called "Legume". My father, Erik, plays music and helps me a lot with my schoolwork. I am in primary school and I am a good pupil, but often behave as a nasty little brat. My parents are the nicest people in the world, and I love them a lot. I have new glasses to help me, They are tinted and have bi-focal. I use a hand magnifier at school, but we have planned to get an electronic magnifier with a screen. I like Harry Potter, and my favourite book is "Le Petit Prince" from Antoine de St Exupery. I had the chance to meet Linda Olsen in Paris last autumn, and I am now longing to meet other people from the list, as my mother promised me we would go to Canada and USA in two years time.

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