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Frand Folb, Jr.

Sept 14, 1964

Buxton, NC

Stargardt disease

Eyes Affected

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

20/50 corrected

I take Ocuvite eye vitamins nightly hoping to slow down the progression of the disease.

Well, as we all know, the prognosis is not good unless some of the new clinical trials start showing some success. My vision right now is around 20/50 or so with glasses, and I find myself using my peripheral vision more and more.

Family History
Most of my family as far back as I can remember has worn glasses, but I am the only one blessed with Stargardts.

Impact On Your Life
IMPACTS!! Where do we start to list the impacts on our lives when we find out we're going blind!! My ability to make more money at my job, my dream to hunt an elk with a bow, and my wife's and my dream to drive across country someday all become hard to attain.

Positive Effects
Hard to see any at this point. But I do have a strong sense that God will see me through.

I use my peripheral vision all the time. Still cut a straight line with my saw and can read the gauges in the engine room!!

I work as an oiler for the NC DOT Ferry division on Hatteras island. Not sure how long I will be able to hold my oiler license, but will try and keep them as long as possible. I work 7 days on and then have 7 days off. On my off days I try and stay busy doing construction work. So far so good.

More About Me
Like others on here, I have lost confidence in my driving. Most of the time it's close to home, and there are few stop lights. I take my time and don't pass any more. Just try and be safe and not hurt anyone!!!

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