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Frances Lutge

Oct 22, 1924


Wet Macular Degeneration

Eyes Affected
I have had MD in my left eye for four years. Twelve months ago, due to advanced degeneration, reducing the visual acuity to 6/36. Since then, due to further hemorrhages, I have lost all central vision.

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

Visual Acuity
Only peripheral vision in left eye.

I have had two steroid needles in the left eye, Dec 1999 and 2000. Have had hemorrhages behind the eye, ruling out Photo Dynamic Therapy. My pressure has been 26 and 28 in bad eye. Last year I had a laser hole in both eyes for drainage, but no change in elevated pressure. I am taking blueberry tablets (5000mg), one a night, grape seed (12000), and green tea, one a night. Also, Bio Zinc Blackmores Synergistic mineral formula (100mg every second night), spinach every night, and fresh blueberries of a morning.

Family History
No record of MD

Impact on My Life
Hoping it will not effect my good eye. My hobby has been tapestry, and I have completed many. Sadly, I now find it almost impossible, but I still try!

Positive Effects
I am making the most of each day and, as I am a Catholic, I have faith in the good Lord.

Using a luminated magnifying glass to make reading easier, putting all correspondence into Word, and engaging 14 fonts.

After the years devoting my time to bringing up a wonderful family, now I devote my time to our needs.

More About Me
I have been married for fifty-seven years to a wonderful caring husband who is very supportive. I have two married daughters in Tasmania whom I wrote a letter to each week. Now I use the computer. My daughters haveÊ four children between them, we have kept the bond going with 25 trips to Tasmania. We also have a unmarried son in Sydney. S O S are there any magic herbs or treatment around? Grateful thanks.

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