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In memorium

Frances Mattson

Sept 15, 1916

Sonoma, California


Eyes Affected

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

Visual Acuity
20/200 right eye----20/300 left eye

Surgery for macular hole in 1991. Hot laser on left eye short time later. PDT with visudyne in right eye (macular hole eye). Nothing more. Since macular hole surgery generally caused a cataract then, mine was follwed by that. About two years ago I had my other cataract removed. Neiter seemed to give me the long wished good vision many enjoy from the procedure, but I am glad they are gone, and I have been stable for quite some time now.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
Gradual lowering of sight to present age.

Family History:
Do not know. Mother used non prescription eye drops constantly, never complained or went to eye professionals, but I noted some loss of eyesight as she aged. She lived to 81 years.

Impact on My Life:
Quit playing tournament bridge. Took driving eye test at age 85 with a bioptic lens, passed and received a restricted license for 4 years with a driving test each year. Quit driving at 86 years of age (my decision), and moved closer to daughter into retirement home. Thank God it did not show up until I was retired for 15 years. I cannot complain.

Positive Effects
Organized a Support Group in Reno, NV, and worked with it for 11 years. Appeared on TV in Reno for AARP TV programs and often got permission to use Dan's videos followed by a discussion with a friend. Am presently assisting a young woman who uses a seeing eye dog and is trying to establish a support group here at my retirement home.

I think I have done pretty well by purchasing aids, learning to use them, belonging to this support group, but have to admit to occasional bouts with frustration. My husband died quite young. He was very hard of hearing and would be 98 now. I wish he were living, since I was his ears, and now he (hopefully) could be my eyes.

No problem. I do not think the work force is small enough that anyone is hiring 90 year olds.font>

More About Me
I am very lucky to have a family that is very good to me. I had just one daughter, and she had just one daughter. BUT her daughter changed things and had three children. The photo below is of my great grandchildren: Callaway, 5, Twins Brooks (boy) and Cassidy (girl), both 3. All are facing birthdays soon, and I bore everyone with my pictures.


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