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Barbara (Chelsea)


Barbara (Chelsea) Smith


Lincoln, California


Eyes Affected

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis
about 69

Visual Acuity
20/400 both eyes

When I first started with my doctor, he did several laser treatments on both eyes. When he discovered a subsequent bleeder, he gave me a PDT. I became aware of the TTT [transpupillary thermotherapy] and asked him if it would help. and used it on one bleeder. When he discovered an occult bleeder, he gave me a second TTT.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
At present, I seem to be stabilized.

Family History
I am not aware of any MD in the family; however, I suspect that my mother may have had it.

Impact on My Life
It has been devasting to me. I have been attending a rehab program, which has helped a great deal. I am trying to become totally independeent, but not being able to drive is so difficult for me to accept. I am leader of a support group and find that helping others is very enriching.

Positive Effects
There are few positive effects, but I am grateful for the friends I have made who also have low vision.


I have found it very difficult to adapt, but I am still working on it.


I am retired and have been for several years. After graduation from college, I worked in advertising and public relations. When my children were small, I stopped working--returning to work after they were older. After my husband's retirement, I did volunteer work in the local hospital, including writing the auxiliary newsletter.

More About Me

I am proud to be a fourth generation San Francisco born Californian. Both of my children and one grandchild were born in the city, too. I have four grandchildren and one great grandchild. Despite the miserable year the team had, I am a died in the wool 'niner. I am currently serving on an ad hoc committee to obtain a transit system for the city in which I live.

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