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Carol Lundstrom


Marysville, WA


Eyes Affected
Both. 1 wet & 1 dry

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

I am currently on Macugen and have had a laser treatment plus steroid shot in left eye.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
I think my vision is somewhat better since treatment began, but this has been of short duration. Cataracts are still mild.

Family History
Had one Aunt in Sweden who was legally blind. Both my Mother and Father had glaucoma.

Impact on My Life
I was told I had MD approx. 4 years ago but my vision seemed fine. Just near-sighted correction. Last Summer I noticed a big black spot on my left eye and went to my eye Dr. who told me I had a 'bleed". Was then referred to a Retinal Specialist and currently am under treatment with Macugen. Things seem very dim to me, especially when I am in the house, and I prefer lots of light. Reading and driving are a problem, due to double vision.

Positive Effects
I tell myself this isn't the end of the world, and there are lots of things I still can do and learn new ways of doing things. I need to keep a positive attitude and stay active and just not sit around. How I welcome Springtime, so I can get outside and do some gardening.

I purchased a CCTV this past Christmas, so I am back reading. It is a wonderful invention, since I love to read. I carry a monocular and a small lighted magnifier in my purse to help me read when I shop, bank or even when I pump gas. I always use sunglasses to help me with the glare. I need a lot of light in the house. I am currently looking on making my computer easier to read and am interested in purchasing Zoom-Text software. I also take PreserVision eye vitamins on a daily basis.

I feel I was lucky to have retired before this "bleed," as things could have been a bit more problematic. I was an Accountant for many years, so had to look at lots of small numbers.

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