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Carly Cochran


Canton, Georgia

Stargardt disease

Eyes Affected

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

That I use a quick look zoom magniifer to help me see little print. I also go to the blind and low vision center for my low vision toys to help me see.

I have been told that my left eye is 20/60, which is still legal for me to still drive. My right eye is 20/80, which is worse than my left eye. They said that I might be able to get a bio-device to help me drive.

Family History
I have brother that has Stargardt disease, but he is legally blind from his MD. He is not dealing with vison issues like I am.

Impact On Your Life
It affects my work, watching movies, cleaning my apartment, driving, and just about doing anything that I do. I deal with a lot of burry vision that gives me lots of issues seeing.

Positive Effects
I am an artist. I draw, and I have been told that I have talent. Also, I can keep up with my co-workers at work. They are suprised that I can do the same work just like them. I even do it better than so of my co-workers.

I use my hearing to help me at work. I also memorize things to help me be fast.

The lighting affects my SG. I have to wear sunglasses over my glasses. I get all kinds of questions asked at work. I have large print stickers on my keyboard at work. I also use my Quick Look Zoom at work to help with small print.

More About Me
I am very friendly. I always have a smile on my face. If I don't, then my friends and family knows that something is wrong. I'm a hardworker where I work. I like fashion. I keep up with the most current fashion issues. I also make up my own fashion styles. I like reading and going to the movies.

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