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Elizabeth (Betty) Chapman


Rochester, Minnesota

ARMD: wet in right eye, dry in left eye.

Eyes Affected

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis

Visual Acuity
20/20 in left, zilch in right.

In December 2001 I had a sudden onslaught of classic and occult Wet MD. A gas bubble injection was made to try to move the blood away from the fovea and prevent the formation of scar tissue. Unfortunately this kicked off a strep infection; something that happens only once in a thousand cases. The following months held many ups and downs as my RS fought to 1) preserve the eye and 2) preserve some vision. I had six surgical procedures, but eventually because of the damage the strep infection did and because of multiple surgeries, the pressure in that eye dropped to 0. The only reason I still have that eye is due to a silicone oil bubble injection which was made during one of the more complicated surgeries. I was informed at the beginning of this that the left eye had soft but small drusen. I take the AREDS vitamins, lutein and eat foods rich in lutein etc.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
The right eye is gone. I can see some movement, but today (Aug. 2005) could not see the technician's fingers. The left eye's acuity remains at 20/20 and there has been little progression of the disease.

Family History
No one that I know of in the past two or three generations on either side of my family has had any eye disease.

Impact on My Life
Because of diminished vision and hearing, I have not driven in two years, although I still could legally. I don't see anything to my right, but have learned to avoid bumping into objects and people on that side most of the time. I would be less than honest if I said my bad eye never bothers me. It does! Every day!

Positive Effects
I have trained my good eye to be a little more observant than I was when I had two eyes. My friends comment on how well I see things - often before they do. One calls me her "third eye" when she is driving!

I am a retired first grade teacher.