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Ben Shipe



Erlanger, Kentucky

Dry (Atrophic) Age-related Macular Degeneratio

Eyes Affected
Right only

Age at Diagnosis


After years of the diagnosis being changed from regular dry AMD, then CSR and finally a variant of dry called Best disease. No real treatment as long as it stays dry. I do take Areds 2 times a day and a dose of lutein also. That's right eye. Left eye is pretty good although I have had several torn retinas I had to have welded up. Now, l've added ocular hypertension but not glaucoma, eye drops for that.

Seems to be stable at this point. My ophthalmologist seems to think I'll be dead before it's too bad to get around OK. I'm sure he meant well there. Do have some mild cataracts, but too soon to deal with.

Family History
Don't Know about my dad, he left when I was 3 years old. Mom developed AMD in her early 80's in both eyes. Also had cataracts, but helped some after surgery.

Impact On Your Life
It hasn't been horrible. I was able to finish a book in 2019, and I'm trying to work on another one mostly about life in the 50s-70s. My favorite period of time. I had no health issues at that time, that properly added to the enjoyment.

Back in the day, my business partner and I produced car shows and events in different cities each year. The conventions were a lot of fun. Now, I am retired and try to enjoy each day.

More About Me
I still enjoy reading and music from the 50s-70s. The beast era in music in my opinion. Trying to learn playing the drums since the guitar attempt did not go well. However, the drums may be short lived, as I am developing Endo lymphatic hydrops. That's a fancy way to say Meniers disease. I also enjoy writing, and it was a hoot to actually produce a book. Amazon has made it possible for anyone to become an author. I still enjoy home projects and detailing our cars. Years ago, I bought and restored a large number of cars. Now that was fun.

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