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Anne Marie


Anne Marie Coviello

December 31, 1951 (New Years Eve baby)

Derry, New Hampshire

Stargardt's disease

Eyes Affected

Eye Color
Blue with gold flecks

Age at Diagnosis

Visual Acuity
20/200-20/400 in both eyes

None available at this time, but I am taking a vitamin and a Lutein supplement every day and protect my eyes with sunglasses when in strong light. I also try to eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise as much as I can.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
Stable at this point (fingers crossed)

Family History
I have an older brother diagnosed with it 10 years ago, but he has no vision loss so far.

Impact on My Life
I can't drive anymore, and I had to give up my job as a quality control inspector.

Positive Effects
I now take time to enjoy and appreciate all the little things in life. I watch very little tv, and spend a lot of time listening to talking books, thus I am constantly learning new things and reading a lot more books. My favorite books are mysteries, and adventure stories. I am less afraid to try something new, because if I fail, I can blame it on my vision. LOL

Magnifiers and good lighting. I use a monocular to read very small print, and see things in the distance. I use binoculars to help me see concerts, shows and sporting activities. I listen to talking books, instead of reading. I now ride a tandem bike with my husband. It is much safer in traffic, and I get a better chance to admire the view.

Self-employed in land development, and a stay at home Mom

More About Me
I am happily married with three children of my own and two stepchildren. We also have three Maine Coon Cats, tropical fish, and a little dog that was rescued from a dumpster in Puerto Rico. I love to do jigsaw puzzles, word search puzzles, sing in church, and listen to talking books. During the spring and summer, I can be found in my vegetable and flower gardens, painting the outside of my house, riding my tandem bike, camping with my family, going to yard sales, or off for a walk with my dog "Ruby." Ruby is being trained to be a therapy dog, and I look forward to visiting nursing homes with her. I am currently training to be the co-leader of my daughter Amanda's girl scout troop. I am taking long-distance courses at the Hadley School For The Blind. I collect teddy bears (89 at last count), crystal animals, and I love to enter contests. I am a"Dessert-A-Holic" (especially ice cream and chocolate). I enjoy baking and cooking on the grill (even in the winter with snow on the ground). I love to watch fireworks, thunder and lightening storms, and walk on the beach. When I have some free time, I love to do craft projects, decorate cakes for special occasions, and work on my quilting projects. My goal in life is to live to be 100 and be on the "Smuckers label" on the Good Morning America show.

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