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May 17, 1955 in Dayton, Ohio

Phoenix, AZ for now

Myopic Macular Degeneration with Ocular Hypertension

Eyes Affected

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis
44, Feb2000

Visual Acuity
Left has always been bad, now it only has color and motion; right is 20/200, legally blind from 20/30 corrected. Diagnosed originally Dec.1999, but finally found retina specialist who diagnosed in February, 2000.

Betaoptic S for fluid pressure in right, left eye not being treated.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
Prognosis is total loss, but appears stable for now, don't know if mine is wet/dry, I've had detachment in left with buckle, and multiple laser treatments for tears in right, more than 10 different surgeries, starting at age 6 for amblyopia, crossed eyes, cataracts, retina tears, etc.

Family History
Some myopia, hyperopia, parents and siblings, and astigmatism.

Impact on My Life
Devastating, still trying to adjust, lost most of my independence, has placed my job at risk, total upheaval!

Positive Effects
I get a seat on the bus because of my cane, and meeting people like those on MD Support. VR has also been great to me.

Too many to list, continuing to make them, getting more and more aids, and equipment.

Working presently, for the State, but getting lots of animosity from coworkers and bosses because of ADA accommodations, claims of "favortism", getting off easy, etc. real big problem

More About Me
Suddenly becoming disabled terrifies me. I've given up on ever meeting my soulmate and finding companionship. Still, I've just joined a congregation, and the people have been wonderful, and I feel at home with them. They've been helpful and supportive. I think I'm going to enjoy being a "degenerate."

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