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Allison Nimmo


Ketchum, Idaho

Cuticular drusen

Eyes Affected

Age at Diagnosis
under 50

Visual Acuity

I am taking Focus Areds2 supplements. I exercise most days and eat a healthy diet. I wear sunglasses (TheraSpecs) indoors and outdoors to help with floaters and glare. I use an Amsler Grid and see a doctor to check my vision every 6 mos.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
I have been diagnosed with cuticular drusen. At age 47, my vision is good - I don’t use reading glasses yet. However, I do see floaters against the snow or any white background.

Family History
My mom has glaucoma with no symptoms. Otherwise, I am not aware of any history of vision impairment.

Impact on My Life
Ignorance was bliss. The biggest impact is the anxiety of what this will bring. Right now, I do everything (except I limit my snow skiing). I moved near a bus stop so that when the day comes that I can’t drive, I won’t be stuck at home. Learning how this community lives with vision loss eases my fears...thank you for sharing.

I am a high school math teacher/tutor and mother of four kids ages 8-19.

More About Me
I love to hike, practice yoga, visit with friends and be a productive member of society. My hope is to be able to continue an independent, peaceful life no matter what the future brings.

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