Edward J. Huggett, Jr., O.D., P.A.
Chief of Low Vision Services
Low Vision Support
Tarpon Springs, Florida
Telephone: 727-789-0199. Fax 727-789-1767
Web site: www.lowvisionsupport.org

Ed Huggett, O.D.

    Dr. Ed Huggett is a longtime resident of Florida, graduating from Tarpon Springs High School and what was then St. Petersburg Junior College. He received Bachelors in Arts in Biology from the University of South Florida, Tampa, in 1980, and taught undergraduate level Marine Biology at the Marine Science Station in Crystal River, Florida from 1981-1986.

    While attending the University of Houston he taught Physiologic Optics in 1987-89 where he obtained his Doctor of Optometry degree.

    Returning to Florida in 1990, he served as staff physician at Tampa’s James Haley VA Medical Center before opening a private practice in Palm Harbor in 1991. He is a Board Certified Optometric Physician.

    Dr. Huggett has shared his expertise with many patients, students and varied groups in the community over the years.

• He trained at the Lighthouse for the Blind, Houston Texas, 1989-1990.
• Trained at the Pediatric Vision Clinic, University of Houston, Texas, 1988-89.
• Developed the Low Vision Clinic at the James Haley VA Medical Center Outpatient Clinic in 1990.
• He was chosen as a Team Eye Physician for Major League Baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays in 1994, serving team needs and providing Sports Vision Enhancement.
• He developed vision exercises for the improvement of visual-motor integration, which are being used by students and athletes both professional and amateur.
• He developed specific protocol for the treatment of amblyopia and other vision-related disabilities in students of all ages. He provides vision therapy procedures to enhance cognitive processing, and programs to remediate vision-related learning problems. Schools and other physicians refer students to his practice.
• He has participated for several years in the Great American Teach-In sponsored for Pinellas students.
• He helped establish and volunteers his time to a free vision clinic, known as The House of Paul, Inc., which serves the visual needs for homeless individuals and victims of domestic violence in Pinellas County.
• He served for many years as a board member of the Pinellas County Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities.
• He received the distinction of Physician of the Year, awarded 2003.

    He is currently Chief of Low Vision Services at St. Luke's Cataract and Laser Institute in Tarpon Springs, Florida, providing treatment of low vision, amblyopia, double vision, dyslexia, strabismus and vision-related learning problems in patients of all ages.